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Playball Europe celebrates its 30th anniversary

Playball Europe celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2024 as an independent Baseball Academy. During the years we welcomed participants from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Dubai, Ghana, Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania, Belarus, Ireland, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Our Instructors are players from the Dutch ML, Dutch National Team and Instructors/players from various MLB organizations. All selected on positions for registered participants. Start daily for a week with strength and condition, position and hitting drills, hitting mindset, game situations and daily games. Including breakfast, lunch, dinner and night program. Team and many personal action photos, videos, certificate and Playball T-Shirt. Homerun contest and at the end of the week personal awards. Limited participants for “Personal Attention”.
Fun, Action and Discipline.

Let's playball

Instead of flying to Florida, you can now travel by car, bus, train, or a short
European flight to visit a baseball academy, with professional instructors.
Playball Europe makes the American dream a reality.

More about the history

Playball Baseball Academy

Chicho's bunt game

A game incorporating all elements of baseball and softball, playable at any time with 5 or 6 players per team. Whether after practice, on a wet field, or indoors, it's suitable for both youth and seniors.

It's a fast-game with short base distances, emphasizing quick feet and quick hands. Only bunts, underhand throws, or flips are allowed, with a focus on quick switches.

Fun and action

Let's Playball the Game!!!

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